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EarthDesk 6.1.1 19/11/12 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X
EarthDesk 4.8 19/06/13 Trial version English
  • Mac OS X

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Watch the Earth in real time on your desktop

Nick Mead

Recent changes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the map to stop updating after multiple manual update checks.
  • Changes to the auto-updater to avoid performing an update from a background process.
  • When turning on clouds, an image will only be downloaded if the most recent one is stale.
  • Better support for uninstalling and updating when EarthDesk is installed for all users.
  • A reminder is now presented when a hi-res cloud license expires.

  • Shows real time Earth conditions
  • Lots of configuration and viewing options
  • More interesting than your average desktop wallpaper
  • Stopping and starting Earth Desk can be problematic
  • Not particularly interesting watching cloud movements

"An amazing product"

You wrote: "imagine that EarthDesk is more interesting at night when darkness falls and you start to cities light-up."; [sic]

And I imagine that reviewers should fully explore a product before writing their review. Did you actually see the city lights before writing this? EarthDesk is completely amazing! If clouds don't interest you, then maybe it's not your thing, but I think it's gorgeous. The best part is being able to track hurricanes. I can watch them form in mid-Atlantic and then see their progress each day.

  • Being able to see hurricanes and other weather patterns.
  • A different view each day.
  • I love seeing the moonlight reflected off the Sahara Desert.
  • None.

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05 Sep 2011

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